Submitting for review

In this guide, we'll walk through submitting an HSDS: React related update for code review!

Create a pull request

An HSDS: React integration update almost always involves a version bump.

When writing your pull request description, include the areas of effect (AoE) the version bump may change within your application.

Refer to the release notes for update details. It's also a good idea to link to release version to provide context to code reviewers.

Assigning Reviewers

If the update involves UI or interaction changes, we recommend you @ a designer for approval. Depending on the size/scope of your change, we encourage you to @ a QA (Quality Assurance) as well.

Regardless of the folks you @ for review, it's always a good idea to help set them up for success.

This may include:

  • Providing a checklist for steps to check the update

  • Including a direct link to a deploy preview/staging environment

  • Attaching screenshots/GIFs of any visual/interaction changes

  • Recording a short screencast that goes over the updates