HSDS: React

Publishing a release

In this guide, we'll walk through publishing for our newly merged custom Strong component to npm.

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To publish to npm, you must have maintainer access to the @helpscout/hsds-react package.


Make sure you're on the latest master branch.
Install all the dependencies by running:
npm install
Once you're ready, run the following command:
npm run release
This will kick of HSDS's automated release scripts, powered by np.
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Release prompt by np
Select what kind of release you would like to do:
  • patch
  • minor
  • major
Our Strong component doesn't affect anything, and should be a non-breaking enhancement to the library. Let's select patch and hit Enter.
Once you do, np will:
  • Run the linter
  • Run all Jest tests
  • Build/bundle .js files
  • Build/bunlde .css/.js files
  • Semver bump the git Tag
  • Semver bump the version in package.json
  • Publish to npm
  • Push newest version to Github
(😻 np is amazing)

Release notes

HSDS is very transparent with it's release notes. np should have automatically created a new version on Github. Edit that version with the appropriate descriptions/screenshots.
You can follow that template to complete your release notes:
Release Title should be the release tag name
Title of the PR should start your release note, with a markdown H2 ## your PR title.
Pro Tip: If your pull request description is thorough. You can just copy/paste it as the release notes 😎.

High five

🙌 Yay! We did it. We walked throug the entire process of creating a component to publishing it on npm.
Thank you so much for sticking through this guide.
Hope you have a fantastic day ❤️!

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