Submitting for review

Last updated 6 months ago

In this guide, we'll walk through add submitting for our fully test custom Strong component for review!

Create a pull request

After checking in all of your wonderful changes to your strong-component git branch. Push it up to Github.

Create a new pull request against the master branch!

Description and labels

Be descriptive of your changes! The more the better. If possible, include screenshots or GIF demos. Add the appropriate label(s) that describe your changes.

Since we're adding a brand new component, we'll add the feature label.

Continuous Integration

Every pull request automatically fires off a Travis build. Once that passes, it'll generate a code coverage score.

The Travis build must be green and the coverage score must be 100% before merging into master.


Tag one of the @helpscout team members for review.


🚀 All green? All good 😎. Once that gets merged in, we can publish a release!

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